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The Other Side, Welcome

from by Ruby Ibarra

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It started in the Philippines, Francis M to Killa Beez/
‘Til I was 13 spittin soliloquies on Dilla Beats/
Silly me for thinkin these, television imagery/
Representin’ me when most these people never looked liked me/
Red, white, and blue’s really blonde, white, and blue/
I see my people wanna lighten but enlightenment’s in you/
Reflection of the hues, deflection of the truth/
Attention to the cues, we neck to neck and start to lose/
How can we be free and be a POC? cuz what do PO see?/
What’s their POV? When they see no me?/
They see you as a DOB or better yet a DOD, they hoping that you do OD, statistics of that lottery/
They playing yellow face, the other half are playing two face/
I feel they ain’t used to my face up in this new place/
New dreams to chase, too much baggage like my suitcase/
Feeling out of place and we got here on a Tuesday/

The grass is greener on the other side, forget your dreams, is you down to ride?/
The grass is greener on the other side, come fuck with me, is you down to ride?/
The grass is greener on the other side, follow me, they’ll eat you alive/
The grass is greener on the other side, now I’m feeling lesser brown inside/

I’m from a country where lightened means you enlightened/
But what’s a color when the hue (you) is never brightened?/
And what’s your skin if the texture be reptile?/
Half these snakes reading this text be thinkin’ that they less bile/
That crab mentality, in actuality, reality/
Why you mad me when we just look the same to them? they put kuya in the pen/
So I put life into this pen, so when I write, I'm puttin’ light and I rewrite myself again/
Mama, why don't they like me? Comma, they don't look like me/
Papa, they ask his ID, ego, it wants to fight me/
Ruby, don't take it lightly, just focus on plottin’ nightly/
‘Cuz we know, it’s never likely, If I don’t, then who will write me?/
I pray to a white God, prey to this system/
Put on a white mask, hating this brown skin/
Slave to the green bills, faker than Green Hills/
Hoping the fame will/
Make me escape, red pill or blue pill, a head filled with no real/
True feel of self, will, I choose fate or own will?/
See, we hopped up on that plane with the nosebleed seats/
And if we learn too much English, it’s a “nosebleed me”/
Juxtaposed with self hate, this flat nose goes deep/
‘Cuz we know they turn they nose up when they don’t need me/
It always on their terms, any percent you earn/
They wanna sell your urn, but melanin don’t burn/
4 counts in a bar - 4 counts behind bars/
How u make your voice count when they don’t even count ours?/
POCs be getting vilified, dreams be gettin nullified/
Kuya with that bullseye target when he walkin’ by/
Ruby Ibarra, first generation immigrant/
Tryna make a difference but times I’m feeling’ ignorant myself/
How can I lay a verse when I’m just lyin to myself?/
How can I start a movement when I’m frozen, I can’t help but think about the days/
My mama used to sit and pray, that all our problems go away, they knockin for that rent today/
My sister never learned to say our language cuz my moms afraid/
That she will turn to me someday and struggle to assimilate/
My father, he just looks away, I see the lines that changed his face/
I wanna tell him face to face, forgive him, and we'll find a way/
But anger's always in the way, my heart's consumed by pain and hate/
This country told us welcome but never asked if we wanna stay/

Welcome to that place you know, a million miles from home/
Welcome to this place alone, this is now your home/


from CIRCA91, released October 3, 2017
The Other Side - Produced by OJ The Producer
Welcome - Produced by Warren Aguilar, Elgin Bokari AKA L O Kari, and Fatgums
Bass Guitar by Chris Baylon


all rights reserved



Ruby Ibarra San Lorenzo, California

Ruby Ibarra is a rapper, spoken word artist, and producer from the Bay Area, CA.

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