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The Realness

from by Ruby Ibarra

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3 days before my birthday, it’s beautiful outside/
Watchin’ the sun rise, barely opening an eye/
When the orange meets the yellow and the sun seems to dwell low/
I hit you wit’ a Ruby, nice to meet you, and a hello/
While I dream about the days up in Eastern Leyte, lately/
Raised in San Lorenzo, but Tacloban City made me/
Knew my life would change from the album mama gave/
Magalona to this day, and the poetry that saved me/
Like Uzumaki when I spiral with the skill/
If you take away this body's just a vessel for the real/
Destination to the moon like I’m Heinlein, in my mind/
Watch the thoughts bloom, ‘cuz if I rhyme, then I find/
Writing monsoons from my bloodline, in due time/
Owe it to my mother, lines deep like her smile lines/
The womb too the moon every tune make you miss this/
Summa cum lyricist, tell me who da realest is!/

Hit em with realness one time, one two/
I hit em with realness one time, one two/
Gotta hit em with realness one time, one two/
Come look into my eyes, I got a bird eyes view/
Hit em with realness one time, one two/
I hit em with realness one time, one two/
Gotta hit em with realness one time, one two/
Come look into my eyes, I got a bird eyes view/

And when the sun go down, do you feel that moon?/
I was that seed in the dark that no one thought would bloom/
The places that I’m from, people gone too soon/
So like a fly on the wall, I try to gauge my room/
Like what you wake up for when the dawn breaks?/
When everythings at stake, how you work with that mindstate?/
You wish for a clean slate, I’d rather have a full crate/
Of drum breaks and heart breaks, my one plate, can bear weight, that might make/
You less of an enemy, we feed off the energy/
M E before M C, i.e. you get all of me/
Fools dream of fools gold, I won’t be a fool, so/
Drown me in a pool of Atomic 79, “aye you,” can you remind how gold and ruby be divine?/
But if the object is to shine, I wanna brighten up this mind/
There's a picture bigger than this, emcees that’s better than me/
If we talkin’ ‘bout the realest then it better be me! Aye!/


Mama look at me, this the person I become/
Half beast, half girl with a sword for a tongue/
Oddly, being this godly, take my prey and disembody/
I gotta drop it and rock it to top its more than a hobby/
But, ain’t no "deal" for "I" like I talked to a Shinigami/
My rhymes are "death notes," how many beats I gotta body?/
I’m a “mad villain,” I relapse and “do miles”/
Y’all “Doomed MF’s” can’t mask your used styles/
These idioms I’m sendin ‘em to idiots and simpletons/
Don’t pity ‘em, I sentence ‘em, opinions, depending when/
We role models so the stage like runways/
We tryna run away to one way, the sun’s rays/
Focus on our daughters and the way our son’s raised/
Uh, Ruby Ibarra, I’ma make it one day, yuh...
Ruby Ibarra, I’ma make it one... way, uh...
Yuh, Ruby Ibarra, I’ma make it some... day/


from CIRCA91, released October 3, 2017
Part 1 Produced by Mister REY
Part 2 Produced by 6Fingers
Bass Guitar by Chris Baylon


all rights reserved



Ruby Ibarra San Lorenzo, California

Ruby Ibarra is a rapper, spoken word artist, and producer from the Bay Area, CA.

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